VOIP solution that moves as quickly as a spreading virus

n these uncertain times, we cannot rely on rigid solutions. Now more than ever businesses in South Africa need solutions that allow them to adapt to any sudden changes that the various stages of lockdown may bring. Cloud solutions have been tried and tested for years, but the fear of change kept many business owners from moving ahead. Now, a greater fear compels them to make positive changes, that gives them freedom, flexibility and another layer of safety for their staff and themselves.

Fortunately, through a rapid deployment cloud PBX solution, Wanatel resellers can assist customers across the country at any time. An advanced but very easy to use cloud-based VOIP management solution empowers resellers to activate and deploy cloud PBXes at any time they wish. Within minutes a feature-rich hosted PBX will be up and running, allowing end-users to connect via their desk phone or mobile application. Mobile app configuration has also been simplified with QR code integration.

Resellers across South Africa love the freedom the Wanatel VOIP portal gives them and new resellers simply cannot believe how much control they have. By creating a rapid deploy self-managing environment, Wanatel has raised the expectations of resellers. Wanatel resellers cannot believe that their competitors still send e-mails to get services like cloud PBXes activated.

With the need for cloud PBX spreading rapidly, resellers have enlisted sub-resellers to help cope with the demand, and fortunately, the sub-reseller platform offers the same functionality and flexibility. Sub-resellers are now able to deploy cloud PBXes at their own convenience, which means requests, activations and deployments happen faster.

In uncertain times we can no longer hesitate about being future-ready. With this in mind, Wanatel has also made it possible for new resellers to be up and running in record time, enabling new partners to rapidly provide an essential service to a growing market spread across South Africa.