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Secure your VoIP network against fraud !

Incidents of hacking are steadily growing in South Africa and unprotected VoIP providers and users are left helpless unless they have the correct defense systems put in place. A new class of IT knowledgeable criminals target unsuspecting VoIP users and if the correct measures have not been put in place the financial damage could be massive.

Wanatel believes that prevention is better than cure and that VoIP security should not be ignored. SIP Brigade deploys innovative security modules to monitor and ensure that fraudsters are kept out.

SIP Brigades software deploys sensors like Call BlockerBorder Control and Blacklisting Agent across the network. These very active security modules scan the Wanatel Network 24/7/365 for any suspicious activity.

SIP Brigade is the complete VoIP security and Quality management system at an inexpensive price.

Using a Secure VoIP network reduces your risk.

VoIP Security Benefits and features
  • Ensure continuous security with access to critical fixes and service packs
  • Increase security with the latest applications, features, and technologies
Blacklisting Agent

Unauthorized IP ranges are not permitted to make calls on the Wanatel Network. Any IP or number that may be linked to fraudulent activity is blocked. Wanatel maintains a comprehensive list that is updated regularly and our large community of VoIP users assist us in keeping it up to date. Preventing entry is the first step to improve your VoIP security.

IP Boarder Control

IP Authentication

With IP Authentication we maintain your static source IP address on our system and only allow calls from that IP address to be routed. This is stronger security than registration, as it means you cannot make calls from other non-approved devices / locations.

International IP

By default all international IP’s are barred from our network until clearance is given by our network engineers.

Failed Registration

Too many incorrect user name and passwords combination attempts will result in an immediate services suspension. Accounts will only be reactivated upon written request from the account holder.


Suspicious numbers are tagged and quarantined to prevent further access to it.

Premium number quarantine

Specific groups of numbers have been identified as high risk destinations. These numbers have been placed into quarantine and cannot be dialed.

Number Spamming quarantine

Numbers on our network found to be blocking any destination DID by excessively dialing it, will be quarantined until an complete investigation has been done to determine the cause of such spamming.

Call Blocking Agent

The Call Blocking Agent (CBA) constantly keeps guard against VoIP attacks and fraudulent VoIP activity.

CBA scans the network for the following security threats:

Brute force attacks

Action of systematically checking all possible passwords until the correct account password is found.

Concurrency limits

Concurrency limiting is activated on each account, this is user specified. Alerts are generated when more calls than allocated are attempted or there are too many incorrect login attempts.

NB: Contact us for more information about how to secure your clients and your installations. We strive to protect you, but that doesn’t mean you should leave you front door open.

Spend Control

The primary method that hackers use to gain access to your SIP account (your VoIP telephone) line is by cracking your password. If we cannot control our client’s security system on their side, we need to be able to limit or even prevent their risks from our side. To ensure that damage is kept to a minimum; spend limits are put in place for both prepaid and post-paid accounts.

All VoIP networks should have VoIP Security

Contact us on 021 2000 400 for more information on how you can benefit from using our secure network. Alternatively use our click to call button now and we will contact you immediately.

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