What is Wanatel’s Call back service?
The Call Back number is the answer for businesses that need to deliver low-cost calling to their users, especially mobile users.

Wanatel Call back service is the good alternative to make phone calls while you are on the road, or even outside of the country.

Why you should use the Call Back Service for your business?

You can now call from anywhere in the world and from any phone (mobile or land line) and there is no additional equipment necessary. You are not charged by your cellphone network when using our Call back service.

Since the call hangs up automatically on the initial trigger call into the service, the call never completes, so you are not billed by your network. Once hung up, our system will call you back.

Easily keep in touch easily with your out of office staff

As a business owner you may find yourself having to deal with recurring problems that should be avoided. With the Callback Service you can be assured that your staff on the road can keep in touch with you and more importantly your clients. No more excuses…

Managers often find themselves in heated discussion with employees about something as simple as feedback and communication but in the end the employee always has a reason or excuse.

Excuses managers hear far too often:

I didn’t let the client know I was running late because I didn’t have airtime.

Why should I use my personal line to make business calls?

I spend too much money calling the office. Please refund me for work related calls.

Other difficulties:

After an entire month you find out that someone has abused their business cell phone and now the damage is excessive.

Too many cellphone contracts under the business name; this becomes an administrative nightmare to reconcile.

How does it work?

  1. Register a phone number with a callback service. The phone number can be used via a landline phone, cell phone or VoIP phone.
  2. The person on the road (initiator) uses their mobile device to dial a unique call back number. This is a free call for the initiator.
  3. Once the connection is made the call will be disconnected and the initiator will be called back and prompted by an automated system to enter the number they wish to be connected to.
  4. The destination number is entered by the initiator followed by the “#”.
  5. If the number is a valid destination the call will be connected.

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