Convert your PBX to VoIP and
save up to 80% on
your phone bill

Wanatel can convert your PBX to VoIP within few days.

How easy or quick it is to set up?

Wanatel can convert your PBX to VoIP within few days. We will provide you with a VoIP gateway or active SIP on your IP PBX. VoIP will enable you to make cheap calls and reduce your telephone bill by up to 80% and will also open up new features and functionality on your system.

VoIP converged system is a traditional PBX which makes use of  VoIP technology and all its benefits. Some PBX systems are already SIP enabled, and with others you can make use of a VoIP gateway connected to the PBX, which makes the PBX VoIP enabled. When you choose to upgrade your PBX to handle VoIP you can benefit from a host of VoIP advantages without spending a lot of money or throwing all your equipment out. Contact Wanatel and we will provide you the device that will enable your PBX to use VoIP.

What do I need to use VoIP with my PBX?

All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a SIP enabled device, this can simply be a VoIP card or a VoIP gateway.


A high-speed Internet connection (also known as broadband) is critical for VoIP call quality. It is simple to make your connection VoIP reliable; our engineers work with ADSL, Fixed lines, Wireless and Fiber connections.

VoIP card or VoIP gateway

Wanatel will provide the perfect solution for your system. A VoIP card is available for certain SIP enabled PBX systems, when this is not available we will recommend a carrier grade gateway to connect to your system.

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I’ve got a “classic” PBX, I need a VoIP gateway

New businesses tend to go directly to a hosted solution or Cloud PBX with all its advantages and give up “classic” PBX. However, for some companies it makes financial sense to preserve investments in existing equipment rather than throwing it out.

If you plan to retain a significant percentage of analogue or digital phones but want to make use of VoIP, we have the solution for you. We will install a carrier grade VoIP Gateway. Using a VoIP gateway will allow your business to reap some of the benefits of VoIP while continuing to utilize your current telephony system.

The VoIP Gateway works alongside any brand of existing PBX systems. Using a VoIP Gateway typically provides a “Hybrid” (PBX + IP) telephony solution. By adding a VoIP Gateway to the legacy PBX in both the headquarters and remote offices, the enterprise can benefit from incoming/outgoing FREE VoIP calls.

Reasons why you should convert your PBX to VoIP
Traditional Phone Systems and PBX Wanatel Cloud PBX
A closet full of hardware is required at your location. You have to lease it and pay for maintenance. All you need are your phones.
Set up is a hassle. And it doesn’t exactly happen overnight. Need to get Wanatel Cloud PBX set up? Give us a call, and you’re practically done. Set up within few days.
You pay three bills each month: For the equipment you lease, for the minutes you use, and for equipment maintenance. With Wanatel Cloud PBX, you pay just one bill.
Upgrades are a hassle. You need someone to come in and physically change your equipment. Upgrades happen overnight. You just walk into your office and discover awesome new features for free.
You pay the kind of phone bills you’re used to paying with the phone company: Big ones. You’ll save 30 to 80% over traditional phone services.
Need to scale up? You’re going to need additional equipment for that. Wanatel Cloud PBX is infinitely—and easily—scalable.

Try Wanatel Cloud PBX and reduce your phone bill with VoIP No upfront costs!