Become a Wanatel Telecom Agent and resell VoIP services!

Wanatel offers you the opportunity to become your own boss without the huge investment or risks that most entrepreneurs would incur. Become a Wanatel Telecom agent and resell VoIP services.

With us getting started in the telecom agent business is free. There is no start-up capital and if you are able to read and understand the materials on our website, you already have enough potential to start your own telecom business.

When you become a Wanatel agent, your task is to connect your clientsour task is to provide an excellent service and pay your commissions punctually. The more customers you connect, the more money you make in commissions. You can get to a point where you can make money without even working, enjoying your “annuity income”!

Easily connect your client

Are you ready to make some money on your own? As soon as you sign client you earn commission on their usage.

And the best part is that as long as your customers use Wanatel services you receive a percentage of their invoices month after month and year after year.

Call us now for more information

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What products can a Wanatel agent sell ?

  • VoIP – SIP Trunks
  • Cloud PBX –Hosted PBX
  • Smart Number
  • Vibe technology
  • Fax to email
  • Click To Call
  • Call Back
  • Local and International numbers
  • Call center Solutions
  • Customised products

Sell VoIP services and and add a new revenue stream

Wanatel offers a host of products and services for all company sector and size. Add VoIP to your product offering and you will be part of the fastest growing service in the telecommunication phone industry.

Numerous enterprises are starting to take advantage of VoIP seeing the benefits it can provide to their company. Now, SMB’s don’t have to spend a big amount of money on their voice communication, and because we offer competitive rates Wanatel Services are very attractive and EASY to sell.

With Wanatel you work independently but not alone !

Wanatel’s team will give you the support you need at each step , and we will even accompany you to your meetings.

Why should you become an telecom agent now ?

  • Low risk, high growth opportunity
  • No massive capital outlays
  • Become self-employed
  • Build or add to your profitable business
  • Full time or part time business – your choice
  • You can add to your existing revenue stream

Wanatel Hosted PBX, Connect everyone, anywhere