Wanatel Fax2Email is a service that allows you to receive your fax over IP (means over the Internet). This means our Fax2Email service is an IP and email based fax number. We link your fax number to your email address and deliver all your faxes to your Inbox.

Convert your PBX to VoIP and
save up to 80% on your phone bill

Benefits of Fax2Email
  • Receive your fax over IP anywhere in the world with your email account
  • Your offices are moving? Keep the same fax number
  • Increase security and eliminate the risk of someone else picking up a confidential fax at a public fax machine
  • Store your faxes in electronic format
  • Each department can now have its own fax number
  • Receives simultaneous faxes 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • No need to buy a fax machine
  • Save on Ink and Paper and go green
  • Forwarding Faxes has never been this easy
  • Easily forward faxes to other email addresses, you can also save, delete or print them.
Benefits of Email2Fax
  • Now you can send a fax from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to your email
  • Have an electronic copy of all the faxes sent
  • Allow only certain people to send faxes
  • No more time spent waiting at a fax machine
  • No more fax machine paper jams
  • No dedicated fax machine needed
  • Resending faxes is easy
  • Saving on faxing costs

Save when faxing, use Fax over IP

With Fax2Email service you don’t need to buy an expensive fax machine along with the associated consumables like toners, paper and ink. You also avoid paying for the installation and maintenance of dedicated fax lines.

Fax2Email saves you money while doing your bit to keep the world green.

How does Fax over IP work?

Once you have understood the advantages of sending fax messages over and IP network or the Internet instead of the traditional phone line, you will want to know how you can achieve that.

Wanatel Fax2Email service is a protocol that controls fax transmission over IP. Unlike others method, it works offline, meaning it stores fax messages, which are then delivered later

The activation process is quick and instant. Your fax line is immediately ready to receive faxes.

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Set up R199

Monthly fee R99

Set up R350

Monthly fee R145 includes number up to 5 email addresses

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