Wanatel (Pty) Ltd is a licensed IECNS and IECS (No. 0308IECNS/MAR/09 and No. 0308IENS/MAR/09) telecommunications provider based in Cape Town (South Africa). Wanatel provides Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions, specializing in Quality VoIP and Unified Communications solutions. With offices in South Africa and France we provide global services to an international client base.

Wanatel was founded with the vision of enhancing the voice Telecommunications in South Africa, using the expertise and experience gained internationally. Being VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) specialists, we focus on servicing the telecommunication needs of all clients, providing custom solutions to solve unique solutions with technology. Our research and development is constantly in motion, providing our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions on a global scale while maintaining the highest levels of design, build and deployment.

As a trusted advisor to our clients, innovation and agility remain at the core of our business. While ensuring consistent reliability and innovation, our focus remains specialized in order to adapt quickly to ever evolving global technology advancements.

Our vision

As a business VoIP provider, we created world class products and service offerings to our clients. We aim to achieve this through constant innovation and working with cutting edge technologies, as well as attention to our clients’ needs. We believe that nothing is impossible, and that one shoe does not fit all.

Our mission

Wanatel’s focus is to deliver Quality VoIP and services that provide an astounding user experience, and allowing our users to take control of their communication systems. This goal is fully supported by our team, whose mission is to provide unrivalled quality solutions.

Our network

We pride ourselves on the stability of our fully redundant and resilient network, which we operate at the highest of standards across our multiple PoP’s (Points of Presence) across South Africa and Europe.

Our network, along with the reach of our international partners, enables us to offer IP and MPLS connectivity with Voice Quality of service (QoS) guarantees to almost any location in the world.

Our services

Wanatel boasts a host of quality telephony products that suits the needs of customers in all market sectors. Whether you are an individual, a small business, a medium business or corporate. Wanatel has a solution that will suit your specific requirements.

In addition to offering a range of quality VoIP products, Wanatel has in-house developers available to create customised solutions based on a client’s individual needs.

Cloud PBX and VoIP Services

Our Cloud PBX gives you a complete business phone service over VoIP. We take the hassle out of your business communication needs: We maintain the equipment, host the service and take care of the upgrades. Wanatel Cloud PBX is not simply Hosted PBX which enables you to make cheap calls; it is a full-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution.

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Some of our services include: Call Back, DID’s (phone number), Vibe, SIP trunking, Fax2Email, etc…

We do not simply provide one product to answer your needs but offer a global solution that will improve your business productivity.

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VoIP Reseller program

KEVO SOLUTION is a package of Internet telephony products that allows you to easily become a VoIP Reseller. This reseller program includes all Wanatel products and allows the Internet Telephony Service Provider reseller to offer these same services to clients under its own brand (also called White Label or Private Label). Wanatel offers its infrastructure as a service to its virtual partners. Our state of the art infrastructure coupled with an advanced billing system gives anyone wanting to enter the VoIP space the best chance of success.

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VoIP Security

SIP BRIGADE is a SIP monitoring tool that secures your VoIP system and monitors VoIP quality. Combining powerful security modules and an advanced quality control system, this tool will assure you good VoIP quality and peace of mind communication against VoIP Hacking.

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Call centre solution

Our Call Centre solutions are built around the clear understanding that all call centers are not the same and nor are their individual requirements. We believe that options and flexibility are vital to every call centres success. Wanatel combines and customises the best tools to ensure that every call centre runs seamlessly.

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