Phone Number DID

Wanatel offers a range of DID’s (VoIP Numbers) South African, International and Toll Free Numbers. All our DIDs are flat rate (no minutes charged).

Get a Wanatel international DID and your customers and business partners in these countries will be delighted because you are only a local call away.

What is the advantage of having a Direct Inward Dialing Number (DID or DDI) ?

Wanatel is a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) VoIP provider and can offer you a block of telephone numbers to call into a company’s private branch exchange (PBX) system. This would allow several ongoing calls at a time; additional inbound calls would get a busy signal until one of the calls completed or be able to leave a voice mail message.

If you are ready to use VoIP but want to retain your current inbound number, simply port your number to Wanatel and reap the benefits.

The benefit of having a DID is that any person can call the extension, or phone number, in order to connect to the recipient without having to go through a switchboard or operator and without the company having to purchase bulk phone lines.

For example, a company might rent 100 phone numbers from the phone company that could be called over eight physical telephone lines (these are called “trunk lines”). This would allow up to eight ongoing calls at a time; additional inbound calls would get a busy signal until one of the calls completed or be able to leave a voice mail message. The PBX automatically switches a call for a given phone number to the appropriate workstation in the company. A PBX switchboard operator is not involved.

A DID system can be used for fax and voice mail as well as for live voice connections.

Features and Benefits
  • Route calls to any VoIP destination or divert calls to any phone number worldwide
  • No incoming call charges for receiving calls using VoIP. Call charges apply for diverts depending on the divert destination
  • Receive calls from anywhere in the world, callers will not be charged any special charges
  • Convert any of your numbers into a Fax to Email number using our online control panel.
  • Compatible with SIP
  • What is required to have an active DID number

List of prefixes that we can provide – 010 / 012 / 013 / 014 / 015 / 016 / 017 / 018 / 021 / 022 / 023 / 027 / 028 / 031 / 032 / 033 / 034 / 035 / 036 / 039 / 041 / 042 / 043 / 044 / 045 / 047 / 051 / 053 / 054 / 056 / 057 / 058 / 0800 / 0860 / 087

In order to have an active DID, all that is required is to have a working transfer line to which calls can be forwarded. Wanatel offer IVR technology to route calls to a user’s phone line. That line could be a land line, cellphone, or digital line.

How are DID numbers used with PBX systems?

In many cases, direct inward dialing (DID) is used in conjunction with a company’s private branch exchange (PBX) systems. Wanatel allocate one or more trunk lines to your PBX, allocate a range of telephone numbers to this line, and forward all calls to such numbers via the trunk. When calls arrive at the PBX system, the dialed destination number is transmitted so that the PBX can route the call to the desired extension. As a consequence of this call forwarding, a company can offer individual phone numbers for each employee or work station without requiring a physical telephone line for each number.

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