Where there are VOIP clouds there could be “Rain”

It may not be the type of Rain Cape Town was hoping for but it still brings a welcomed relief to anyone. While fibre continues to roll out in many parts of the country there are still clients who remain helpless and dependant on outdated connectivity options. Data prices still remain at the centre of many conversations and it comes as no surprise that these refreshingly new, LTE A packages, are so openly received.

Addressing connectivity challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles has helped Wanatel to evolve and adapt its network to accommodate a variety of Internet options whether it is a dedicated fibre, a dedicated wireless link, and ADSL with VIBE, LTE or LTE Advanced, Wanatel is able to assist its resellers and clients with out-of-the-box thinking.

Even amidst a drought of options, Wanatel has made it a point to maximise on what it has and its early implementation of VIBE many years ago was a testament of that. When a company has been offering VOIP for more than 10 years it should come as no surprise that Wanatel understands what is required to provide the best possible VOIP experience for its resellers and their customers.

We understand that our VOIP resellers are spread across South Africa and therefore will be confronted with different challenges. By ensuring that we are able to offer our voice and cloud services over an array of Internet solutions and devices we ensure that our resellers are able to provide solutions whilst their competitors remain stationary. Wanatel’s introduction of its Cloud PBX Hive has enabled our VOIP resellers it to rapidly deploy solutions before their competitors get out of the blocks. It amazing to think that in time that you have taken to read this far, a Wanatel reseller is able to launch a Cloud PBX and can already begin the configuration process that has also been simplified.

As the Rain Cloud Solution continues to spread across South Africa and orders pour down, Wanatel is confident that its resellers have the freedom and flexibility through a sophisticated white label platform to activate services in minutes, 24/7/365 Rain or shine.

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