Cumulus VOIP cloud drifts into SA

Reselling VOIP in South Africa may not be the newest business idea, but it definitely always requires innovative thinking and a fresh approach to achieve success.

Wanatel has been involved in the VOIP industry for more than 10 years, and that experience has allowed it to help resellers across the country. Whether it be a start-up IT company or an established office automation company, Wanatel has been able to provide a suitable wholesale solution for the resellers‘ needs. Internet services providers of all shapes and sizes across South Africa have also been able to offer Wanatel VOIP solutions effortlessly.

2018 has presented a few challenges for the VOIP industry, but these challenges were in fact the inspiration for the Cumulus platform. Wanatel resellers are not simply customers, but rather, as an extension of itself and with the resellers’ needs in mind, the new White Labelled VOIPplatform was designed.

Cumulus offers graphical overviews of the resellers‘ account, with real-time usage stats. SIP accounts can be created seamlessly and DID (number) management is effortless. International destination management per account is now child’s play, and rapid cloud PBX activation at the click of a button 24/7/365 is like making every day Christmas.

An upgrade on the API integration was requested and, because Wanatel believes the resellers need to have the power to access and adapt information in a way that best meets their needs, the company made it possible.

Get access to all Wanatel services and resell VOIP communication and services under your own brand.

* Start your own business with no need for large offices or expensive office equipment.
* Resell VOIP under your company’s name and own the client.
* Add VOIP communication as a new value-added service and determine your profit.
* Grow your business at your own pace.

Wanatel invites you to become a VOIP reseller overnight with the Cumulus solution.