VOIP resellers in South Africa given more control

When building a VOIP business in South Africa, there is no such thing as a nine-to-five work day. In fact, there are not enough hours in the day and far too few days in the week. Unfortunately, as a new VOIP reseller, you will most likely find yourself at the mercy of a service provider that has long forgotten what it took to get to where it is now. The very same service provider that once broke the boundaries, helped change the shape of the industry, now wants you to conform to a strict set of procedures and working hours.

Wanatel believes its VOIP resellers’ success should not be hindered by what many term to be regular working hours. There is no time like the present, and with that in mind, Wanatel has evolved its reseller platform to enable its resellers to activate services in minutes, 24/7/365. The process itself has been challenging but definitely rewarding for Wanatel and its resellers.

Wanatel has now taken its highly successful white labelled reseller platform, and combined it with its new Hive Cloud PBX and automated processes, reducing its resellers’ waiting time for new services from 24 hours to minutes.

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Hive Cloud PBX

Create, manage, monitor and bill clients for services via a cloud-based KEVO white labelled solution and do it during the time that’s most convenient for you.

Resell, rebrand as your own

* Resell VOIP under your company’s name.
* Add VOIP communication as a new value-added service.
* Your clients remain your clients.

Make good profit as a VOIP reseller

* Benefit from highly competitive rates.
* Determine your profit, create your own call plans.

Start your own business without a huge investment

* No need for large offices or expensive office equipment.
* Grow your business at your own pace.

Manage and easily sell your new business

* No need for extensive experience.
* All your previous contacts can become immediate clients.
* Choose your own business model for your clients.

Wanatel operates with the understanding that its resellers are not only customers, but an extension of its business. Wanatel also knows the faster it reacts to the needs of its resellers, the quicker they can address the requests of their clients. The evolution is ongoing and Wanatel continues to automate systems to improve the overall experience of its resellers. Now, businesses like Internet service providers and wireless Internet service providers that need the daylight to build their network can focus on getting their VOIP services up and running at anytime of the day.

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