VOIP is a Value-Add for MSPs

Many MSPs might be missing a trick: that with voice services as part of your portfolio, you can no-doubt secure recurring revenue. As many MSPs might shy away from this, thinking that the time and effort to add voice to their offerings is not worth the investment.

However, MSPs don’t have to actually create and operate their own CloudPBX or VoIP platform –  they can leverage a reputable provider and onsell a white-labelled voice solution which could benefit the business’s bottom-line, and their customers, in a variety of ways.

Selling a white-labelled VoIP solutions saves time

Creating your own VoIP platform takes time. Much time. If you are able to access a fully-fledged VoIP environment without the associated cost of creating a VOIP network, it all starts to make sense.  One of the key areas here is to make sure you are leveraging a Tier 1 Licence, as well as a provider that has their own data centre facilities, interconnects and secure network.

You should also be able to leverage a ready-made billing engine, second line support, hardware ordering and provisioning.

If you’re looking to save time, then a white-labelled solution is the answer.  MSPs simply manage their own rates and price points to secure recurring revenue from their clients.  It’s ready to go and all you have to do is sell it.  This not only saves all the time it would take to create a bespoke solution, it also removes the burden of needing to solve complicated customer issues.

Instant marketing and sales

Using a wholesale VoIP provider to ‘front’ your VoIP solution provides you instant tools and support. This includes guidance on how to market, sell, plan, install, maintain, and support their system. Good wholesale providers break down their pricing models so that you can calculate margin and best sales strategies against relevant industry trends.  They are also careful to provide easy to follow troubleshooting guides and empowering training or regular product feature updates to stay on trend with industry requirements.

Flexible margins

It’s not always about the money, right?  One of the strong benefits of leveraging another platform to provided added value to your customers is that you get to decide the value of that value…and if your customers will value it.  One benefit could be that this is the profit you were looking for to save your bottom line.  Another perspective could be that you use this as your opportunity to maintain and secure long term customers, earning recurring revenue from regular customers.

Wanatel’s KEVO solution provides all the features and benefits of a fully-fledged VOIP solution, together with an advanced billing engine that provides unrivalled flexibility and visibility for resellers and customers.

With the best quality routing and termination, as well as flexible call plans, reporting, and billing, you can confidently offer VoIP under your own banner without having to create your own network or investing in expensive technical expertise and infrastructure. If you’d like to add professional VoIP to your own business quickly and effortlessly, reach out to us to find out more.