VOIP Industry buzzing about New Cloud PBX Hive, without provider restrictions

Wanatel is once again buzzing as it launches its new Cloud PBX Hive. The new Hosted PBX solution is another step forward in Wanatel’s ongoing evolution and a huge leap forward in its goal of becoming the preferred VOIP services provider in South Africa.

Wanatel’s Multi-Tenant Cloud PBX Platform that allows simple administration of multiple tenants under one server, was designed with three customer profiles in mind: Direct Wanatel Customers, Wanatel Exclusive Resellers and External VOIP providers using non Wanatel SIP trunks. Wanatel understands that while some customers and VOIP providers may have agreements with different suppliers, they would still like to benefit from a business grade product that would previously only be available to Wanatel customers.

The New Cloud PBX Hive includes all features of its predecessor that not only save you money on your monthly bill, but also help to increase productivity by saving time, streamlining workflow, capturing essential voice data, and making your operation more efficient. Business VOIP features like the Virtual Receptionists, Voicemail to E-mail and the ability to work from anywhere increase your employee’s efficiency.

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While the new Cloud PBX does come with all PBX features Wanatel deems to be standard, Wanatel’s inclusion of Handset Auto provisioning; a Billing Module and a Call Quality Analysis tool has made a good product great. Foreign trunk friendliness (use your preferred VOIP service provider) and most importantly the fact it is still a White Labelled solution makes this product available to any customer or VOIP provider who wants a business grade telecommunications solution.KEY Features

Multitenant PBX | The Wanatel Hive PBX is completely multi-tenant, so each tenant configuration is completely independent from the others. Through a browser-based interface and because of its Multi-Tenant design easy administration of multiple tenants is made possible.

Handset Auto provisioning | This is the action of configuring a phone automatically, by providing only basic information’s. New phone brands and models can be added using the Admin/Provisioning menu.

Billing Module | Quick and easy access to view and download CDR’s (Call Data Records)

Call Quality Analysis | Info like the progress time, who hung up, the codec used in the call, the IP of the caller and called, are easily shown a few seconds after the call has ended. A standard MOS calculator is also included. The packet jitter and latency can be easily shown in the graphs. A basic decoding of the call SIP message is available and it is also possible to check a detailed PCAP dump.

White Label | The Hosted PBX Hive solution can be provided with private branding. The tenant administration and user administration interfaces can be customised to provide your company’s unique branding. A simple interface template is available to start your customised services quickly and easily.

For more information on Wanatel’s New Cloud PBX Hive and other VOIP services, please visit www.wanatel.co.za or contact it on 021 2000 400 / 086 WANATEL (086 9262835)

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