Unlocking new possibilities: Wanatel’s latest features for resellers

We’re excited to share some new features that will elevate your VoIP business experience as valued partners with Wanatel. Here are two new features that have been seamlessly integrated into our platform to empower you in managing your client base more efficiently.

Discover the enhanced “Invoices” menu:

We understand that flexibility and control are important in your daily operations. Our team has revamped the “INVOICES” menu to provide you with a suite of capabilities, allowing you to streamline your invoicing and statement processes:

  1. Email Address Management: Easily add or change the email address where you receive invoices or statements.
  2. Company Details: Update your company details effortlessly to ensure accuracy and maintain a professional image.
  3. Banking Details: Make necessary changes to your banking details with just a few clicks, ensuring seamless transactions.
  4. Title Customization: Personalize the title for your invoices or statements to align with your unique brand identity.
  5. Logo Integration: For statement users, upload or update your company logo for a professional and branded appearance on your next statements.

Important Note:

For users of statements, please ensure that you update or load your company logo to display it on the next set of statements.

Join us for the Wanatel Webinar:

To delve deeper into these exciting features and explore how they can enhance your business, we invite you to join our upcoming Wanatel Webinar on Wednesday, 6th February 2024. This is a golden opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of these tools and learn how they can contribute to the growth of your operations.


We look forward to your participation and active engagement during this insightful session.

Getting Started:

Ready to explore these new features? Head to the “INVOICES” menu on our platform today and kickstart your journey towards more efficient and effective business management. We believe these updates will not only simplify your processes but also contribute significantly to the growth of your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for being a crucial part of the Wanatel family. Your commitment is truly appreciated, and we look forward to supporting your continued success.

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