VOIP is a winner in a struggling economy

While the South African economy continues to be backed into the corner, taking one blow after the other, Wanatel has taken on the challenge to rope-a-dope and get through. With more than 10 years of fending off a variety of connectivity and technology challenges, it believes that standing still is not the solution and throwing in the towel is never an option.

Wanatel has come out swinging again, giving its VOIP resellers the means to fight like champions. Through a highly automated billing platform with rapid cloud PBX deployment functionality, the white label resellers can hit the market fast. With smartly packaged solutions with aggressive pricing, Wanatel partners have the ability to hit the market with the right combinations.

With a world-class service and services company in the resellers’ corner, it comes as no surprise that resellers are moving up the ranks so quickly and convincingly. Resellers find it so much easier to sell and deploy products knowing they have an experienced team in their corner giving the right type of technical and sales advice. Through the newly upgraded VOIP platform, resellers go from adding a client to deploying a full solution within minutes.

When going toe to toe with the competition, a reseller needs the freedom to move at any time without having to speak to its provider to get things done. Activate numbers, configure destinations, deploy cloud PBXes 24/7, because champions work while the challengers sleep.

If you’re putting on the VOIP gloves for the first time, don’t be overwhelmed, because:

* We will ensure a quick set-up with a flying start;

* We will compensate for any lack of experience;

* Your clients remain your clients;

* You can choose your own business model for your clients; and

* You can create/edit/delete accounts within seconds.

We manage and maintain the advanced billing engine that allows you and your clients access to their call records, via your own Web site.

Team up with a knock-out VOIP services company and give your business a fighting chance.