What is voice over IP?

So you’ve seen some sleek guy or girl in a suit on a beautiful web page with the caption “voice over IP” plastered underneath it and you’re left wondering what exactly VoIP is and how that relates to your business.

There are lots of complicated terms and jargon that we could use here but the main thing to remember is that voice over IP is using the internet to deliver your voice calls instead of using a land line.

Why would someone need to do that? Because, to put it plainly: it’s cheaper and easier to adapt to a small or large organization. Sounds simple, right? That’s because when you get down to it, it really is. Don’t let the idea of being a non-tech savvy person stop you from making cheaper calls and cutting down on start up costs. Anyone can use voice over I.P.

Here’s all that you need to know about voice over IP to help you figure out what it is and if it applies to your business:

1) Voice over IP needs an ADSL or 3G internet connection to work. The better your internet connection (stability and speed) the better voice over IP works.

2) You can do all the things that a landline telephone system can do on voice over IP and more. How? Well you can log into your account via your cellphone and make calls on the move as if you’re in the office, using your account.

3) One more time in case you missed it: IT’S MUCH CHEAPER, FOR THE SAME THING. That means everything: so voice calls, fax, voice recordings or calls etc.

4) It gives you the ability to make your tiny start up or small business sound like a large professional organization with a digital receptionist (IVR), ring groups (one for sales, one for account etc.) and even waiting music.

5) The best part? Finding a good over IP provider in South Africa who will set everything up for you and make sure that your business telephony needs are met with ease is pretty easy.

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