Auto diallers more than a sales driver

Auto diallers are most ordinarily used as sales tools, and only a few businesses know the additional value it can offer. Wanatel believes auto diallers, coupled with a good idea and the correct product, can be a great asset for any business.

Auto diallers are indeed great sales tools, used to ensure the success of a sales campaign, and that fact should definitely not be overlooked. The dreaded cold calling method remains an important instrument in the toolbox of any sales team, and the most experienced team leaders are quick to point that out.

Auto diallers improve productivity because they help sales staff pace themselves appropriately. Auto diallers ensure the sales team cannot be selective about who they want to talk to, and eliminate the time wasted on manually dialling incorrect numbers.

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What people are often unaware of are the added benefits of a predictive dialler.Regular communication with your clients is a simple but a clever approach for building client loyalty, and this task is made more manageable with the correct solution. By combining an auto dialler with a business’s customer database, regular communication is almost guaranteed, and this also improves the upselling opportunities. Simply schedule a day every couple of weeks and have the auto dialler set to feed your customer relations staff numbers at an appropriate pace.

Pre-record custom birthday and anniversary messages and ensure the special days of your customers and staff are not forgotten, by setting up the dialler to trigger a call on the special day.

Wanatel-configured auto diallers can also be configured to send custom messages to customers, and this allows businesses to automatically confirm appointments, reducing the no-show rates significantly. Your own staff can be reminded of important meetings too, with a custom message prompt.

Custom messages can also be used to broadcast breaking news. E-mailers may not always reach the intended audience. E-mails often end up in the recipient’s spam box or may simply just go unread, and perhaps an alternative method of conveying your company’s big news may be required. Businesses can use an auto dialler to send an automated message or announcement instead, and therefore increase the probability of the message being heard.

Wanatel believes a good idea, combined with the right product and some out-of-the-box thinking, makes the possibilities of the auto dialler endless.

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