Wanatel’s new approach to old solutions

Taking over a solution from another provider in most cases has a happy ending but there are still those unfortunate moments where a second-hand system comes with a lot of baggage.

Whether it is stability, poor configuration or simply sub-par equipment the project was doomed from the start. The risks are very real and if you do not proceed carefully a lot of money can be lost due to a hacked VOIP account and even worse, you may be left with severely tarnished reputation.

So how does Wanatel suggest its kevo_orangeKEVO resellers proceed?

Remember to do what is best for the client and your business.

Intimacy without knowledge of the other party’s history is as risky in the telecoms environment as it is the bedroom. Trust is built over time and a new customer may be reluctant to trust you and you as a provider should approach the new business relationship in the same way. The customer may have a solution but it is not a solution you would ever recommend. VOIP can be easy but it can be just as easy to mess up if the basics are not followed.

You will probably agree that it would be foolish for a service provider to simply add a sip trunk to a PBX when they have no knowledge about the current system, but it still happens. Despite many informative articles of the potential risks of hacking, installers don’t do the required security checks. Unfortunately instances of hacking remain a concern and as VOIP technology expands so too do the risks. While Service providers like Wanatel do their utmost to secure their networks with SIP Brigade installers still proceed without changing the username and password from admin, admin.

Yes hackers are still successfully breaching systems but not in the complexed ways you may think.

So what are your options as the new installer?

No sale is worth putting your entire business at risk. Know what you are getting yourself into. Do thorough and complete checks. Extra time spent at the beginning will save you a lot of time and money in the end.

First prize would be a completely new system, supplied and guaranteed by your company. Replacing the system ensures less finger pointing and allows you to offer the best possible service and security for your client.

The second option involves thorough research into the existing system and configuration by the previous provider. This is easy if the previous provider does not hold grudges and is willing to provide a detailed handover. However, in the case that they are not, time should be taken to audit the system and configuration and create your own detailed documentation of the solution before a single change is made.

The third option, just add the sip trunk and hope for the best. Throw caution to the wind and with it possibly your profit and your reputation. This option shouldn’t even make it onto your list.

Another option the unspoken one, walk away. Sometimes the best solution is walking away. It hurts to walk away from a sale but the pain of trying to force a problematic solution to work will last longer and will end in disaster.

Wanatel believes in offering business grade solutions that it can monitor and manage making the business relationship good for all parties involved. Wanatel urges all its current and future,kevo_orange KEVO resellers ,to approach their business opportunities in the same way.

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