The power of sub-reseller accounts: expand your reach!

Sub-reseller accounts are often-overlooked gems that have the potential to unlock new avenues of growth, elevate your business to new heights, and leave a lasting impact on your bottom line.

What is a sub-reseller account?

A sub-reseller account is an extension of your main reseller account, which gives others the ability to become resellers under your umbrella. It allows them to access the same reseller portal with their logo and branding, offering them similar functionalities to manage their own customers and services. However, it is essential to remember that as the main reseller, you will be responsible for providing technical support and administration assistance to your sub-resellers.

The benefits of setting up sub-reseller accounts are numerous:

  1. Expansion:
    Sub-resellers allow you to reach new markets and expand your business horizons without the need for an entirely new setup.
  2. Revenue generation:
    By offering sub-reseller accounts, you can generate additional income from the services they sell to their clients.
  3. White-label solution:
    The sub-reseller portal is white-labelled, offering your sub-resellers a seamless experience under their own branding.
  4. Simplified billing:
    Each sub-reseller manages their own billing and payments, reducing your administrative burden.

Sub-resellers are granted exclusive access to an extensive array of potent features and capabilities that not only empower them to drive their own business growth but also enable them to offer unparalleled value to their customers. Here’s what they can do:

  1. Customer creation:
    Sub-resellers can create and manage their own customers, both postpaid and prepaid.
  2. Core plans:
    They can create multiple core plans for their customers, tailoring the services according to their needs.
  3. Additional charges:
    Sub-resellers can add monthly or one-time charges, ensuring flexibility in their offerings.
  4. Activation of services:
    They can activate services like DIDs, CloudPBX solutions, and more.
  5. CDRs and SIM card management:
    Sub-resellers can view call detail records and manage SIM cards for their customers.

To create a sub-reseller account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a customer account for the sub-reseller on your main reseller portal.
  2. Create a core plan for the sub-reseller, setting the buying rates for Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom Mobile.
  3. Determine the selling prices for each service to ensure a profitable and competitive offering.
  4. Complete the sub-reseller agreement form and send it to Wanatel’s support team for activation.

Sub-reseller accounts offer a powerful way to grow your business, increase revenue, and reach new markets. By providing others with the opportunity to resell Wanatel’s services under their branding, you can expand your reach and build a network of partners. Remember, as the main reseller, you are responsible for offering support and assistance to your sub-resellers.

So, take advantage of this exciting feature and start building a network of sub-resellers today!  Together, we can achieve greater success in the world of communication solutions.