Samsung provides converged PBX to make use of VOIP

A VoIP converged system is a traditional PBX which can use VoIP technology and all its benefits. Some PBX systems have a VoIP card installed, and with others you can make use of a VoIP gateway connected to the PBX, which makes the PBX VoIP enabled.

VoIP not only allows you to make cheaper calls but also opens up new features and functionality on your system.

CanonEC is a preferred authorised Samsung Dealer which uses Wanatel VoIP solutions and has successfully integrated the Samsung OS7000 range with the Wanatel Cloud PBX. Enterprises with multiple branches with one or two extensions per branch will be able to connect to head office Samsung PABX via an integrated hosted solution. This collaboration has led to many new industry innovations with exciting new solutions in the pipeline.

Samsung VoIP converged system: keep your actual PBX and use VoIP technology

The Samsung Office Serve 7000 range PBX systems these days come VoIP ready. VoIP may seem like a complex technology but, in reality, it is not that complicated, especially on Samsung telephony systems. A next generation enterprise IP solution, OfficeServ 7000 series provides secure IP convergence, supporting traditional voice communication, VoIP and IP based data communication. Samsung Electronics has transformed the flexible TDM-based system, which only provided simple voice services to a system that uses IP-based Internet phones.

Companies that are already equipped with these devices can easily make use of VoIP via their actual PBX. They only need to call a VoIP provider who will activate the VoIP functionality of their system. With a Samsung Office Serve 7000 PBX companies don’t need to change their entire system to make cheaper calls with VoIP.

One other major reason businesses choose a Samsung Office Serve PBX for their telephony system is that VoIP reduces telephone bills by up to 50% for some sectors. It is also full of valuable features and benefits to improve your business. You can connect multiple offices via VoIP, have a centralised receptionist, centralised voicemail, digital extension dialling between offices, and create a de-centralised call centre or system management.

Converged solutions are essential for some businesses

New businesses tend to go directly to a hosted solution with all its advantages and give up “classic” PBX. Even if there are no really good reasons to go for a converged communication instead of a hosted (cloud) PBX, most enterprises find that it makes financial sense to preserve investments in existing equipment rather than throwing it out. The converged system lets them do just that. Businesses that plan to retain a significant percentage of analogue or digital phones may have no other choice but to deploy a converged solution. Such companies may find it is simply not feasible, in the short term, to make the move fully to an IP telephony system. For such companies, the best solution is to move to a converged system. This will allow the organisation to reap some of the benefits of VoIP while continuing to depreciate the value of current telephony assets.

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