Communicating more effectively and cheaply can save your business

Running a business or even just working at a start-up can very stressful. There are money concerns, staffing issues and communication break downs galore while the teething problems take hold. All hope isn’t lost though, here are ways to keep your head above water through the tough times and follow through to grow your business over time.

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This article will go into how set your business a plan of action regarding communication

The term “plan of action” intimidates a lot of people, but really it’s just putting into writing what you want to do and how you plan to do it. You don’t have to do it alone, either, as the business owner or any other head of department. Here are some ideas for:

Things you’ll be outlining in your plan of action:

How employees will communicate with each other
How prospective clients will reach the business
How to keep call costs down (try using a VoIP)
A way to record calls or monitor receipt of messages: sometimes messages from one employee to another or from the company to clients can fall through the cracks. It happens in all companies, and a way to avoid it is to set a way to show receipts of delivery. (Easy to set up on a cloud PBX by your VoIP provider)
Things you’ll be going into detail about in your plan of action:

Setting up a clear communications channel: There should be one platform of one channel that all your employees communicate on. It should be free or very cheap. It should be added to each employee’s computer/laptop and always left on when the employee is logged in. Basically it should be the embodiment of the principal of open communications.
And how to turn office tension into something positive: using these open lines of communication tensions will lessen because communicating will be easy and traceable.
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