Cloud PBX just a trend

In an age where technology trends last as long as the price of a Bitcoin it comes as no surprise that the Cloud PBX was also not expected to last. The Cloud PBX was simply seen as just another trend that would pass by with the wind. However this would not be case for a solution that […]

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Where there are VOIP clouds there could be “Rain”

Read time 2min 00sec It may not be the type of Rain Cape Town was hoping for but it still brings a welcomed relief to anyone. While fibre continues to roll out in many parts of the country there are still clients who remain helpless and dependant on outdated connectivity options. Data prices still remain at […]

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VOIP solutions help improve sales

VoIP solutions help improve sales With more and more South African businesses offering the same solution or selling similar products, competition is the name of the game. Companies are in a constant battle to capture market share as quickly as possible. Automation, data analytics and improved productivity often spell the difference between failure and success. The increase […]

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VOIP resellers in South Africa given more control

voip solutions in SA

When building a VOIP business in South Africa, there is no such thing as a nine-to-five work day. In fact, there are not enough hours in the day and far too few days in the week. Unfortunately, as a new VOIP reseller, you will most likely find yourself at the mercy of a service provider that has long […]

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Fibre key to VOIP call perfection in South Africa

Wanatel Business connectivity

The road to VOIP call perfection still remains in the hands of the connectivity giants laying down and managing the data highway. Fortunately, the technology has evolved and the materials used to build the network are vastly more advanced and definitely more future-proof. Unfortunately, VOIP providers are still confronted with: “I have a 10MB fibre […]

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Auto diallers more than a sales driver

Auto diallers are most ordinarily used as sales tools, and only a few businesses know the additional value it can offer. Wanatel believes auto diallers, coupled with a good idea and the correct product, can be a great asset for any business. Auto diallers are indeed great sales tools, used to ensure the success of […]

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The True Value of VoIP

Cheap VoIP in South Africa

Unfortunately for far too long the sales pitch to convert users from the traditional telephone system to an IP-based system was based on making ‘cheap’ calls. While VOIP calls rates are impressively competitive, the true value of using a VOIP system is immeasurable. The restrictions and limitations that traditional telephony systems placed on the consumer […]

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VOIP Industry buzzing about New Cloud PBX Hive, without provider restrictions

By Wanatel Cape Town, 19 May 2016 VISIT OUR PRESS OFFICE Wanatel is once again buzzing as it launches its new Cloud PBX Hive. The new Hosted PBX solution is another step forward in Wanatel’s ongoing evolution and a huge leap forward in its goal of becoming the preferred VOIP services provider in South Africa. Wanatel’s Multi-Tenant Cloud PBX Platform that […]

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Wanatel’s new approach to old solutions

Taking over a solution from another provider in most cases has a happy ending but there are still those unfortunate moments where a second-hand system comes with a lot of baggage. Whether it is stability, poor configuration or simply sub-par equipment the project was doomed from the start. The risks are very real and if […]

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VoIP Resellers – ‘David’ solution for ‘Goliaths’ of today

Wanatel, a telecommunications company specialising in voice communications, today announced an upgrade to its KEVO solution, an in-house white label VOIP and billing platform, which allows its partners to resell all Wanatel products under their own names. It is a fully customisable solution that is able to integrate with its partners’ business processes and includes […]

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