ViBE is an impressive technology that improves voice quality and reduces VoIP bandwidth consumption.

ViBE is a technology designed to provide true Quality of Service for VoIP over broadband and the best quality for your VoIP calls. The causes of poor quality VoIP calls are easy to diagnose and correct. Latency, jitter and packet loss are the most common problems of bad quality call.

At Wanatel, however, we understand that as a business owner you have more important things to worry about, than dealing with the hassles of low-quality calls. We believe in quality of service; this is the reason why we provide ViBE technology, which considerably improves the quality of the calls by creating a VPN tunnel between the client site and our data centre. In addition, ViBE also prioritises and optimises IP-voice traffic; voice data packet overheads are reduced to a minimum, allowing up to 5 times the call density to be transported without any compression of the VoIP data or degradation in call quality.

Why VoIP call quality is a challenge ?

VoIP traffic requires a certain bandwidth rate and is more or less tolerant of traffic delays in the network and of variation in traffic delay, as well as traffic loss. If infinite network resources were available, then VoIP traffic could be carried at the required bandwidth, with zero latency, zero jitter and zero loss. However, network resources are not infinite. As a result, there are parts of the network in which resources are unable to meet demand which means that call quality will be degraded.

ViBE technology benefits

Voice is now treated with very specific requirements not only in terms of priority, but also in terms of spacing between packets.

  • Data transfer rates are not compromised by the fact that voice is present
  •  More calls on the same link.
  • Classes of data can be given their own share of available bandwidth in a much more granular way than traditional QoS
  • A broadband transmission mode is available which increases the efficiency of a broadband link for data transfer as well
  • Reduces bandwidth consumption from 50 to 70%
  • Up to 28 simultaneous calls on a 256k link (1M Telkom ADSL) with no loss of call quality
  • Because it reduces latency and jitter you are able to save by only using an ADSL line instead of a Diginet or point-to-point link.
  • Reduces jitter to sub 2ms average in the presence of any amount of data
  • Backup links can be implemented which can be activated without losing calls in progress.

How does ViBE make my network easier to manage?

ViBE provides real-time monitoring of the underlying link quality and its effect on voice. Packet loss, latency and jitter are also monitored. ViBE’s monitoring is not affected by link loading and any faults with the link can be easily identified. ViBE supports SNMP giving administrators detailed information including calls in progress and general system health.

What do I need to deploy ViBE technology for my business ?

To be deployed ViBE Technology requires a minimum of one ViBE Point to Point Server device and either a ViBE router or ViBE enabled ADSL modem at the remote site.

Businesses can connect to ViBE-enabled service providers like Wanatel, who would have a ViBE head-end installed within their infrastructure. Additionally, for businesses wishing to use ViBE across a multi-site WAN, this can be delivered either via a ViBE-enabled service provider or by deploying a ViBE head-end within the corporate infrastructure.

ViBE is perfect for any size of business or organization that uses VoIP based telephony. ViBE is also a good fit for any business looking to make the move to a VoIP based system. Don’t wait to get ViBE and save money, call us now at 021 2000 400 or ask for a free quote below.

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