Wanatel Click-to-Call is a web service which easily converts online clicks to customer’s calls to your company. Increase your sales from your website and keep in touch with your leads with a Click to call button.

Convert leads from your website into clients with the Click to call button.

Online retailers who feature click-to-call buttons on their websites report better conversion rateshigher average orders and increased sales. Not only is the button convenient for customers, it also provides sales teams with additional information they can use to seal a deal.

It’s Easy – Just add a line to your website code

Retailers don’t need to invest in complex hardware or software to install a Click to Call button. All you need is to add a line in your website code. With a Click to Call button we can drive leads directly from your website. You pay only for the calls that connect, and the calls are directed to your sales team.

Online clicks that call your customers

How does Click2call work?

When someone visits your Website and clicks on a Click2Call button, it will prompt them to enter a phone number. Once entered Wanatel simultaneously calls you (owner of click to call button) and the number entered and connects the two calls.

What are the benefits of ClicktoCall?

Go to market faster: 22%-25% reduction in website abandonment from pages with click-to-call.

As much as a 100% increase in transaction conversions from click-to-call users compared with toll-free callers.

88% of click-to-call users say they are more likely to contact a company that offers a click-to-call service than one that does not.

Click2Call enables you to interact with web visitors while their interest in you is at its peak.

It is completely FREE for the web visitor, further pushing them to talk to your company before your competitors

All you have to do to get Click2call ?

  1. Signup to create a Wanatel account
  2. Connect on your Customer Interface
  3. Set your company phone number
  4. Set your working hours
  5. Copy and Past the HTML code straight onto your Web site
  6. Add a Click2Call Button to your PDF documents, email signatures or online marketing material.

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