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The Wanatel Weekly White Label Training sessions: Part 1

Wanatel White Label

Our KEVO (White label) clients are a hardworking and ambitious bunch and we wouldn’t expect anything less, but sometimes they need a helping hand navigating their systems to give their clients the best service possible. So, we at Wanatel have put together a video series to help them out. We know that those that have […]

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Cheap VoIP in South Africa

Sip South Africa

There is steady rhetoric of Africa being the Dark Continent with poor business growth and worse ICT service delivery. But some South African telecommunications players are taking to the international stage to disprove these negative stereotypes with high quality low cost telephony products.   The recent rise of cheap VoIP in South Africa is proof […]

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What is voice over IP?

Wanatel's mobile dialer app available on android

So you’ve seen some sleek guy or girl in a suit on a beautiful web page with the caption “voice over IP” plastered underneath it and you’re left wondering what exactly VoIP is and how that relates to your business. There are lots of complicated terms and jargon that we could use here but the […]

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Everything you need to know about porting your number to VOIP

Porting your number to VoIP South africa

In this, the first installment of a terms around VoIP explanatory series, we will be looking at number portability or local number portability (LNP).  Everything you wanted to know about the topic from a definition, to why and how you should do it.  What is number portability? Number porting is the process of taking your telephone […]

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MTN and Vodacom have increased the price for VoIP traffic

Traditional Voice Operator claim that VoIP on mobile phone still have problems, such as end-to-end quality of service, which is not always up to standard. However, considering the savings that VoIP offers, and as mobile VoIP applications become more ubiquitous it is difficult to see why many people would not make sue of the service […]

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WhatsApp a “game changer” for VoIP mobile


WhatsApp plans to launch mobile voice services in 2014 and this frightened many traditional voice operators, because it directly threatens their main income generator – voice. There are several reasons why Whatsapp, recently acquired by Facebook, should be consider as a game changer. Firstly, this application already has a huge user base and the increased […]

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VoIP on mobile saves consumers money

Mobile VoIP works with a cell phone’s 3G or LTE service to send voice calls over the Internet and via an Internet Telephony Service Provider. Mobile VoIP phone users and especially smartphone users can benefit from lower costs when calling, texting or using other common smartphone services. VoIP software like Skype and Google Talk are […]

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